March 26. 2024

FREMONT, Calif., March 26, 2024 -- Thornova Solar is launching a new TOPCon module series exclusively for utility-scale projects. Based on the larger format G12 silicon wafers, the TS-BGT66 and TS-BWT66 modules offer power outputs ranging from 695W to 720W, with conversion efficiencies from 22.4% to 23.2%.

In today’s economic climate, the utility industry’s need to build large-scale solar projects with strong return on investment and low levelized cost of energy (LCOE) has never been greater. Thornova answers the call with a solar module line that delivers maximum power while ensuring long life, durability and ROI. Thornova offers a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year performance guarantee.

Thornova has been in high volume production at its Vietnam solar manufacturing facility since 2022. The company has announced plans to begin manufacturing in the United States in 2025.

“We plan to produce both cells and modules in the U.S in 2025, enabling buyers to take full advantage of US tax credits for solar modules with domestic content,” said William Sheng, CEO of Thornova Solar. “With the rapid growth in solar power generation in the U.S., we aim to provide a strong, reliable U.S.-based supply of modules that are optimally designed for utility-scale projects.”

Next-Generation TOPCon: Larger Wafers for Better Bifaciality and ROI

TOPCon technology is increasingly the solution of choice for solar EPCs and project developers because of its improved bifaciality, reduced degradation, lower LCOE and improved ROI. Thornova’s new TOPCon line demonstrates an evolution of the company’s products, moving to larger size G12 wafers, which increase bifaciality performance up to 85% over smaller sized cells.

Thornova G12 series 720W modules leverage the core advantages of Thornova TOPCon modules in terms of higher efficiency, power output, and reliability. N-type solar cells, devoid of boron-oxygen pairs, virtually eliminate Light Induced Degradation (LID) when compared to PERC solar cells, resulting in a remarkable reduction of power attenuation to approximately 0.15% in Thornova 720W modules, significantly lower than the 1.35% attenuation seen in PERC modules.

Furthermore, Thornova's hydrogen passivation technology ensures exceptional LeTID attenuation performance. The 720W modules demonstrate an attenuation of less than 0.18% after 162h * 4 testing, outperforming PERC modules that exhibit attenuation of less than 1.45% after 300h testing. Because of these advantages and the larger wafer size, Thornova’s G12 modules reduce balance of system (BOS) costs by 6.1% and increase power generation by 4.2%, when compared with conventional PERC modules.

Comparison of Thornova 720W N-Type Module and P-Type

TS-BGT66-G12 and TS-BWT66-G12 Specifications

The TS-BGT66-G12 is a bifacial, dual-glass module, weighing 84.88 lbs (38.5kg). With 2.0mm heat-strengthened glass, anti-reflective coating and another 2.0mm glass layer at the back, it features an open-circuit voltage between 47.23 V and 47.98 V, and a short-circuit current of 18.68 A to 18.79 A.

TS-BWT66-G12 is a bifacial, single-glass module with transparent white mesh backsheet. Weighing 74.74 lbs (33.9kg), the module includes 3.2 mm of anti-reflective coating and high transmittance, tempered glass, featuring an open-circuit voltage between 46.48 V and 46.73 V, and a short-circuit current of 18.68 A to 18.98 A.

Both modules measure 2,384 mm x 1,303 mm x 35 mm and produce from 695W to 720W. The temperature coefficient is -0.29% per degree Celsius. They can operate with a system voltage of 1,500 V and function well in a variety of climates, with temperatures ranging between -40℃ and 85℃.

Annual linear degradation over 30 years is 0.4%, with a maximum degradation in the first year of 1.0%.

About Thornova Solar

Thornova Solar, a Tier 1 solar module manufacturer, offers high-performance modules to utility, commercial and residential customers in the U.S. and Canada since 2022. Our US headquarters is located in Fremont, California, with 1.5 GW module manufacturing in Vietnam.