Install More Home Solar with Sunlight Financial

October 11. 2023

One of the key secrets to getting more residential solar installed across the U.S. is frictionless financing. Sunlight Financial helps contractors grow their solar businesses by making consumer financing easy and affordable. And now, solar companies can select Thornova’s top-of-the-line TOPCon or PERC solar panels through Sunlight’s financing platform.

As an approved vendor on Sunlight Financial’s AVL, Thornova products for residential applications can be specified through Sunlight’s easy-to-use financing tool.

Sunlight is one of the most consumer-friendly financing solutions in the solar industry, with access to loans with flexible terms at fixed interest rates. Sunlight’s simple application process quickly lets customers know if they qualify for a solar loan, with no paperwork hassles or headaches.

With over 150,000 solar systems funded and installed, Sunlight’s simple and intuitive sales platform features self-service product selection, instant credit approvals and fast funding to keep projects moving forward efficiently.

Sunlight’s financing solution is available as both a point-of-sale app and as an API to integrate into your existing customer-facing applications.