Thornova Completes Final Certification with Munich Re

September 28. 2023

Thornova Solar is proud to announce the final certification of photovoltaic warranty insurance with Munich Re Green Tech Solutions, the leading PV Warranty Insurance provider.

In a signing ceremony at the company’s global Sunova headquarters on September 26th, William Sheng, CEO of both Thornova and Sunova Solar, joined Kollsman Chan, regional head of business development of Munich Re Green Tech Solutions, to formalize the agreement, which covers both Thornova and Sunova products.

“This certification is one more validation of Thornova as a Tier One manufacturer and a reliable partner for North American companies,” said Mr. Sheng. “We are proud to ensure this additional security for our customers as they tackle the world’s greatest risk: climate change.”

The backing of Munich Re provides project owners and developers the assurance of long-term bankability of Thornova bifacial solar modules for 25-30 years. PV reinsurance is vital for ensuring the bankability and reliability of large-scale solar projects.

The PV reinsurance certification process involved technical due diligence and multiple factory site visits by Munich Re to validate the quality and performance of Thornova products. Thornova’s quality control program includes three dimensions: system management, personnel training, and documentation to ensure the quality of our products.