New TOPCon Tech at RE+Vegas

Trade Show
August 28. 2023

After being ranked as a BNEF Tier 1 Module Manufacturer, Thornova Solar is looking forward to meeting with our U.S. solar partners at RE+ in Las Vegas Sept. 12-14!

This year we’re featuring:
√ Thornova’s reliable, high-performance TOPCon and PERC modules
√ The best exhibition team, always ready to answer all your questions.
√ Enter our raffle for a chance to win! Wonderful giveaways await your pickup!
√ Presentation introducing our top-of-the-line TOPCon technology and brand.

Thornova TOPCon modules combine high efficiency and low degradation, achieving both the power and long life your customers expect. Over a 30-year lifespan, TOPCon bifacial modules deliver up to 25% more power compared with conventional p-Type modules.

At RE+, we will debut our newest TOPCon product, our 615W module with a N-Type 78-cell format as well as several other products! All Thornova TOPCon products have been rigorously tested and proven for excellent quality and performance. 2 PERC products and 3 TOPCON products will be showcased during the show.

Our Vietnam manufacturing facility is now shipping TOPCon and PERC modules for residential and commercial installers to support the rapid buildout of the U.S. clean energy transition.

Schedule a meeting at RE+ today to lock in delivery of Thornova TOPConand PERC modules for your next project!

About Thornova Solar
Founded in 2022, Thornova Solar offers high-performance solar modules to utility, commercial and residential customers in the U.S. and Canada. Based in Fremont, California, Thornova is an independent subsidiary of Sunova Solar Technology, Ltd.