720W TOPCon Module: Premiere at CLEANPOWER 2024

Trade Show
March 20. 2024

Thornova Solar, a leading Tier 1 solar module maker, will exhibit at CLEANPOWER 2024 in Minneapolis, MN May 6-9.

At booth number 963, Thornova Solar will showcase three TOPCon solar modules for C&I and utility-scale projects, boasting power outputs of 720W, 640W, and 590W. Notably, the 720W module is a new addition to Thornova’s product line, making its first appearance in North America.

The 720w module, equipped with larger G12 wafers, boasts a remarkable efficiency of 23.2%, which increase bifaciality performance up to 85% over smaller sized cells. This exceptional performance, coupled with Thornova’s 15-year product warranty and 30-year performance guarantee, ensures long-term reliability and value for customers.

Thornova Solar is a Tier 1 module manufacturer offering high-performance solar modules for the utility, commercial and residential solar markets in North America. CLEANPOWER 2024 will be an exciting opportunity for Thornova to network with industry peers, showcase our technology and be a part of the global effort towards renewable energy.

If you would like to set up a meeting at the event, please get in touch.