· Up To 720Wp
· Sustainable Supply

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· Lock in low-cost energy
· Up to 560Wp

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· 15 to 25-year product warranty
· 30-year performance guarantee

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Our capacity

A total of 10 GW global annual module capacity, 1.5 GW from Indonesia and 3 GW from the U.S..

  • 1.5 GW

  • Indonesia

  • 3 GW

  • USA

  • Available in 2025
  • 800 MW

  • Vietnam


Thornova global cumulative module delivery has reached 6 GW, which is an impressive number. With our high productivity and experienced commercial team working closely together, Thornova guarantees every detail of product delivery.


Each factory of Thornova adopts fully automated production lines with the same equipment as Tier 1 suppliers.

In manufacturing, we run triple EL (Electroluminescence) testing to better check each panel's hidden micro-crack. Every Thornova panel passes VDE test, Triple IEC test, Ammonia test, Sandblast, UV test, and PID test.