December 30. 2022

Thornova built a new factory in Vietnam with a production capacity of about 1GW, which will be put into production in the future and supply products to the United States.

Thornova has invested in and established a modern module production plant with an annual capacity of about 1 GW in Vietnam. The factory will supply products to the United States in the future to meet the demand of the US market.

The new factory utilizes fully automated production lines and the products undergo several inspections, including triple EL (electroluminescence) testing, VDE test, Triple IEC test, Ammonia test, Sandblast, UV test, and PID test. These inspections ensure the excellent quality and reliability of Thornova products.

The construction of the factory is progressing rapidly, and it will be operational soon. With a traceable supply chain strategy, Thornova is fully capable of supplying WRO-certified solar products to the United States.